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    By Tracey Hollis Rowe  

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The Artist ~ Tracey Hollis Rowe

Copyright Tracey Hollis Rowe Artist



Tracey Hollis Rowe is a Lancashire UK based artist. Working in a variety of mediums from coloured pencil to watercolours and acrylics producing wildlife, animal and botanical style art


Over the years Tracey’s interest in the natural world has helped her develop and improve her artistic skills in this field. When not at the easel Tracey spends her time gathering reference material by observing her subject of choice out in the wild or visiting local farms and nature reserves and exploring the hills and countryside of the UK. Since 2018 Tracey mainly works on UK wildlife art in particular birds and deer and is building up a new collection of farm animal art that she hopes to expand into next year.


Tracey is available for commissions in wildlife/farm animal art only - see the link or contact direct at traceyhollisrowe@yahoo.co.uk


Prints are available on a select number of works - see shop link for availability



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